Remanufacturing Department
We Work Hard For You

For over 30 years, Food Makers has consistently remanufactured bakery equipment returning machines at the end of their lives to same-as-new conditions and helped reduce owning costs by providing our valued customers with same-as-new equipment at a fraction of the cost of new equipment.

What Is Remanufactured Equipment?

Remanufactured equipment is previously owned equipment rebuilt to perform to new or better standards.

Where To Buy Remanufactured Equipment?

Anybody with a tool set can sell "Remanufactured Equipment". Choose for yourself but before you decide to buy the cheapest "Remanufactured Equipment" online or anywhere else, know that Food Makers Bakery Equipment offers only True and Completely Remanufactured Bakery Equipment.

What differentiates Food Makers' remanufactured equipment from the competition?

Let's take a look!

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Reliability, Endurance and Performance

Food Makers Bakery Equipment remanufactured products are better than new equipment because of part conformity. In Food Makers Bakery Equipment remanufacturing process part compliance is ensure through multiple stages and often exceed original manufacturer standards.

During this process all known factory defects or weaknesses of the product line are also corrected. That is why Food Makers' remanufactured machines perform even better than new machines and are often remanufactured to customer's needs.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Food Makers Bakery Equipment customers benefit in many different ways, one being reduced cost of ownership. Food Makers Bakery Equipment remanufacturing process reduces cost to manufacture a new machine; hence we are able to offer our customers 100% Same-as-new machines for a fraction of the cost

Technical Support

We are here before and after costumer experience with Food Makers Bakery Equipment . Not only do our customers obtain high quality equipment but also our Food Makers Bakery Equipment Technical Support for all of their future needs. Whether your need is assembly and installation, repair, maintenance or training, Food Makers Bakery Equipment has the right solution for you.

Customer Service

Food Makers Bakery Equipment has helped bakeries of all sizes become more productive and successful by increasing their profits through machine automation and equipment solutions. Our team of experts is here to help you, Call Us (844) 801-2676.


1. Tear Down

All machines are completely disassembled; taken apart down to its bare frame.

2. Inspection

All parts and components are inspected and all wearable parts are discarded. Machine body and frame are inspected and marked for any physical damaged.

3. Parts Replacement

Upon inspecton, discarded parts are replaced by new parts straight from the manufacturer or custom make at our machine shop to reduce costs. New parts ensure machine's longetivity, reliability and quality.

4. Frame & Body Restoration

Machine frame is inspected and checked against manufacturer's specifications. Any known weakness and phisical damage are corrected to ensure proper fucntionality. Missing body panels are fabricated and the body is restored for a greater performance and appearance.

5. Assembly

Machines are put assembled to manufacturer's specifications. Every single component undergoes a secondary inpections for higher quality and to ensure a proper fit for optimal performace.

6. Electrical System

A key differentiator, when looking at Food Makers Bakery Equipment remanufactured machines versus the competition, is our all new electrical systems.

Food Makers Bakery Equipment new electrical systems ensure our equipment is reliable, endures and performs to its full potential as it did when it was new.

7. Testing

Machines are thoroughly tested in our facility to ensure proper functionality.

In most cases, at customer's request the machine is tested using their own formulas to ensure better results.

8. Availability

Once testing is completed, the machine is made available for sale in our showroom.

Interested customers are welcome to test our equipment in our baking technology center.