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MONO line of confectionery depositors are among the most versatile and compact machines in the market. With a wide range of options, MONO depositors are ideal for bakers, confectioners, caters and hoteliers who want to produce high quality products such as; French Macaroons, Cupcakes, Eclairs, Muffins, Cream Puffs, Swiss Rolls, Cookies and more.

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Mono Dough Divider Mono Dough Divider

MONO Equipment’s Volumetric Divider
expertly automates the dividing and
pre-rounding processes - with both
accuracy and speed - whilst at the
same time handling the dough gently
and sympathetically to ensure the
quality and texture of the dough
structure remains intact.
Dough is easily fed into the Teflon
coated hopper, which can hold up to
154lb, and is then sucked through with
minimum pressured which prevents
any warming of the dough. With a
weight range of between 1.8oz to 7oz,
3½oz to 21oz or 9oz to 2lbs, the
accurately divided dough pieces are
automatically fed through an initial
dough shaper to produce tightly formed
pieces, while the integrated flour duster
prevents any dough sticking to the
conveyor belts.

List Price: $22,000.00
Our Price: $19,500.00